Six60, band coming from New Zealand represents great mixture of rock, electro, drum’n’bass and soul. The band came together while studying in 2006 and quite quickly raised the fame. They already achieved great success in Australia and New Zealand and this year they started touring Europe, Canada and USA too. They have three platinum selling singles and platinum debut album, self-titled “Six60” in New Zealand. The lead singer Matiu Walters is the charismatic core of the band, his expression is compelling and catchy – making career in music was his dream and the joy from turning this into real life is obvious. The band is based on strong guitar lines, the lead guitarist Ji Fraser is doing excellent work. His dynamic style supplies very compact sound of the band. When you listen to the album you never get bored, thanks to all sounds, rhymes and styles connected into one art.

Eli Paewai, drummer, said exclusively for BeatBan about the band’s tour in Europe:

“It was our first time playing shows in the northern hemisphere, it was so exciting, we found ourselves playing in all these countries that we never ever thought we would.”

How did they like european audiences?

“We felt really good about the audiences in Europe, it was great to meet
people from other countries that knew our music, and to see people singing
along to your songs that come from the other side of the world makes you
realise how lucky we are to be able to do what we do.”

“It was a lot like the first time we went to Australia (we are from New
Zealand) , really hardcore fans that come along and get right into it, no
messing about. The only real difference was the language barrier and the
scenery was quite different. Ordering a burger at McDonalds in Paris is so
much harder than ordering one in Sydney.”

Check their new single in New Zealand charts  ‘In The Clear’ ft. Paul Mac – WE LOVE IT!

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